ClimaVinea, A Groovy New Burgundy App

A few weeks ago, Pierre de Benoist, vigneron of Domaine A. & P. de Villaine, was visiting DIG. He noticed the book I sell here, the invaluable Climats and Lieux-Dits of the Great Vineyards of Burgundy. Well, invaluable to those, like me, who are not simply smitten by these wines but who, um, er, also love to geek-out — there's really no other way to say it — learning about the history, geography, place names, and producers whose wines we drink and collect.

"Have you seen this new app?" Pierre asked, whipping out his iPhone. And there, in miniature (no iPad version as of yet), was the app version of the book. The book is pricey ($125), and it remains invaluable to me. But then, I love books. 

But for $25 this interactive app is just slightly more portable — I imagine using it on my next trip to the region. While walking the vineyards it will locate your position, and, like the book, gives histories and explanations of the communes as well as individual vineyard names, surface areas in hectares, a list of some of the best producers, and other very cool information. Like the book, invaluable. Check it out here