Blame it on Wayne


I recently discovered that the above phrase has become something of a mantra within a family that purchases many of their wines from DIG (you know who you are). "Blame it on Wayne," the mother told her daughter, the daughter told me, and you know what? It's one of the highest compliments I've received since opening my store.

While I realize that being blamed for something is not a state we generally aspire to, in this case the idea charmed me because what I'd been accused of is altering my customers' palates to a point where they no longer want to drink many of the wines they used to — in short, more fruit-forward and high in alcohol than those found at DIG. 

This is a process, and a passage that not all of us will go through. And each of our palates is unique. Different strokes, as the song says. But it is indicative of the point-of-view that is the foundation of DIG: that lower alcohol, less overtly fruity wine is best with food, and that the best food wines come from France and Italy.